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For a patient that has been diagnosed with mesothelioma or an asbestos related disease and it is your first time hiring a lawyer, you need to know that asbestos and mesothelioma cases should only be handled by a law firm that has proven track in asbestos litigation. Asbestos and mesothelioma lawyers specialize in a unique focus on asbestos-related lawsuits.

With the asbestos litigation field being very complex it will require knowledge about the asbestos industry, mesothelioma treatments, how exposure happens, and methods to seek out what potential liable parties that are at fault. An average personal injury lawyer might have an idea about cases related to asbestos, but may not have the experienced set of skills to handle your case that an accomplished mesothelioma lawyer will. A mesothelioma lawyer will always have the correct tools and experience to help guide you through the complex details of your case. At the team is focused on connecting you with the Nation’s leading asbestos lawyers.

When dealing with such an unfortunate disease the importance of getting connected with the right law firm cannot be stressed enough. The first step is to do internet research on mesothelioma and asbestos lawyers. It is very important to make sure you locate the best mesothelioma law firm for your unique case. Having family members or friends to help you do internet research and make detailed lists of lawyers who are qualified to assist you with your case.

What You Need to Know When Choosing A Xarelto Lawyer

The drug Xarelto has serious side effects.  When you are experiencing symptoms of blood clotting or strokes, you may want to speak to a specialist for other treatment options.  Xarelto has helped many of patients reduce the threat of strokes and even assisted with patients that have already been diagnosed with heart issues.  With every individual reacting differently there are Xarelto side effects to be aware of.

  • Internal Bleeding
  • Hemorrhaging
  • Bloody Stools
  • Bleeding Gums
  • Coughing up Blood
  • Difficulty Breathing

When choosing the right Xarelto lawyer it is important that they specialize in your specific condition.  They will ensure the compensation for the deadly causes of this drug are there to assist you and your loved one through this difficult time.

xarelto side effects


Mesothelioma | Diagnosis Statistics & Scare in the U.S.

Educating yourself about mesothelioma risks and asbestos exposure risks in the United States can help you find out if you may have been associated with exposure to asbestos in your lifetime. The key statistics in research of individuals that have received a mesothelioma diagnosis have assist you with the knowledge of what key symptoms to look for.

The most common ways of being exposed are:

Military personnel

Product production

Hazardous occupation

Environmental factors

With individuals that have had exposure to asbestos in their career, the symptoms do not usually develop until decades after the exposure. With the latency period being very long can make the disease very difficult to diagnose the early symptoms. Mesothelioma is rare in America, with approximately 3,000 patients being diagnosed each year. Most individuals exposed to asbestos, even exposed to a large amount, will not get mesothelioma. Some factors, like a person’s genetics, may allow the patient to more likely develop mesothelioma when exposed to asbestos. Understanding that everyone’s DNA and genes react differently really puts scientist and doctors in a difficult spot.

If you or your loved one has been diagnosed

A mesothelioma diagnosis can bring a lot of physical and emotional challenges. In all cases of developing a cancer the family members and loved ones need the support as well as the patient. There are many trust funds available for this specific disease. The mesothelioma lawyers and team at Mesowatch offer free legal advice and treatment options for patients.

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Mesothelioma Lawsuit Reinstated by Wisconsin Court

A mesothelioma lawsuit was reinstated by the Wisconsin Court of Appeals in the case of a woman whose husband reportedly died as a result of illness arising from asbestos exposure while working for a number of beer companies, including the Miller Brewing Company, WEPCO and the Pabst Brewing Company.

The victim in this case, identified as John Brezonick, was described as a steamfitter who, according to the lawsuit, was exposed to asbestos while working at multiple Milwaukee brewing companies in a four year period from 1996 to 2000.

The December 22, 2015 decision to reinstate the asbestos and mesothelioma lawsuit, now spearheaded by the deceased victim’s wife, Sandra Brezonick, is significant as the case was previously dismissed by a judge in 2014.

The mesothelioma lawsuit was initially dismissed on the grounds that companies are shielded from some liability as the result of a state law that covers injury stemming from work that’s designed to “improve property.”

The Wisconsin 1st District Court of Appeals opted to overturn the dismissal of the asbestos lawsuit, stating that the companies named in the lawsuit had failed to provide sufficient evidence to prove that the work was comprised solely of improvements.

The plaintiffs in the asbestos case have implied that the victim’s work was comprised of non-improvement work, such as repairs and maintenance. It has been reported that the mesothelioma victim worked to replace pipes and frames at at least one of the Milwaukee breweries.

Asbestos is widely used, even today, in some industrial settings, as it’s a durable and versatile mineral that can be used for insulation and to protect against heat damage. Asbestos is often used to insulate pipes and to insulate boilers and other heat-generating machines that are connected to piping systems.

The mesothelioma victim’s wife, Sandra, spoke with the press by phone following the court of appeals’ decision to reinstate her asbestos exposure and mesothelioma lawsuit. She said, in part, “It’s just such a great gift…I know that if my husband were still here, he would be ecstatic that [mesothelioma is] being recognized as such a horrible thing.”

Help for Asbestos Exposure Victims Seeking to File Mesothelioma Lawsuits

The goal is to provide mesothelioma victims and their family members with the information and resources required to seek legal justice and financial compensation. We believe that it’s important for these individuals to be provided with access to information and legal assistance from experienced asbestos lawyers and mesothelioma attorneys.

The experienced asbestos and mesothelioma lawyers at Mesowatch are now available to provide free and confidential evaluations for your case.