Educating yourself about mesothelioma risks and asbestos exposure risks in the United States can help you find out if you may have been associated with exposure to asbestos in your lifetime. The key statistics in research of individuals that have received a mesothelioma diagnosis have assist you with the knowledge of what key symptoms to look for.

The most common ways of being exposed are:

Military personnel

Product production

Hazardous occupation

Environmental factors

With individuals that have had exposure to asbestos in their career, the symptoms do not usually develop until decades after the exposure. With the latency period being very long can make the disease very difficult to diagnose the early symptoms. Mesothelioma is rare in America, with approximately 3,000 patients being diagnosed each year. Most individuals exposed to asbestos, even exposed to a large amount, will not get mesothelioma. Some factors, like a person’s genetics, may allow the patient to more likely develop mesothelioma when exposed to asbestos. Understanding that everyone’s DNA and genes react differently really puts scientist and doctors in a difficult spot.

If you or your loved one has been diagnosed

A mesothelioma diagnosis can bring a lot of physical and emotional challenges. In all cases of developing a cancer the family members and loved ones need the support as well as the patient. There are many trust funds available for this specific disease. The mesothelioma lawyers and team at Mesowatch offer free legal advice and treatment options for patients.